Right Way To Calculate Right Size Of Office Space

Planning and calculating the right size of office space in Noida needs meticulous calculation as it is not just about workspace, rather many other factors are taken into account, like how much space the employer wants to allocate to employees, meeting room, common area, daily operations, and future ambitions.

How much space per employee is Needed?

In a productive working environment, decent space for an employee is 100/120 square feet with an average workstation measuring around 50 square feet. Though it depends on the employer how generous he wants to be with allocating space for staff and how much manpower the employer plans to hire.

Whether the employees come in every day or do they work remotely?

While assessing the ideal office dimensions the first thing that needs to be taken into consideration is how often the Orion office spaces in Noida is going to be used. If the team works in an office only on certain days of the week, then coworking space might be a good option which provides greater flexibility and the possibility of a hot desk. If the team works permanently at the office, then a little bigger accommodation is worth consideration. 

Whether a meeting room is needed?

This absolutely depends on your type of business. If the business hosts a number of clients on a regular basis, then a meeting room is needed with an average size to accommodate 3 to 6 people. If the meeting is done remotely, then there is no need for a specific meeting room.

Whether video booths are needed?

If the business conducts most of its activity online through Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, or a similar tool on a daily basis, then consideration of a private booth for video calls is imperative. This enables them to conduct online meetings privately either with clients or with colleagues. If it’s infrequent, then a space of privacy can be created in the same office spaces in Noida instead of a dedicated booth. 

Should there be a common area or a recreation area?

In today’s company culture, it is important to have a common or recreational area that allows the employees to connect and communicate with Bonhomie. It gives them a space to work away from their desks, collaborate, brainstorm, take a break from work, and more. 

What other amenities are needed in an office?

While considering premium office space requirements, attention should also be drawn to some other amenities like a showroom area, a kitchen area to prepare food and drink, etc. with due consultation with the employees, because at the end of the day, it is employees for whom the premium space for office meant the most.

Whether to go for shared or Private office space?

This is a million-dollar question today when planning for space for any business. Whether one needs a separate room or does the business and working style go well with the open plan? More often coworking space can prove to be inspirational as it allows to bounce off other like-minded businesses. However, some businesses like legal or financial prefer private areas to meet with clients and to discuss sensitive issues. Sometimes a mix of both is wise.

How to calculate the budget?

A range of office spaces for sale is available even at the most desirable locations. So, it’s important to set a budget before looking around for commercial space because it is only the owner of the business who knows how much can be allocated for modern office spaces, and the search should be based on that figure only.

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Calculating an ideal office size needs meticulous planning both on personal, practical, and professional levels. Considering various angles as mentioned above could be handy in opting for an ideal Orion office space in Noida that leads the businesses to survive and thrive.

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