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Orion One32 Noida

March 2024

- 6th Floor - Slab casting completed

- 7th Floor

  • Tier 3 of steel structure ie upto 7th floor erected
  • Deck sheet for 7th floor fixing in progress

- Fire Fighting work commenced

- Vermiculite work for fire protection of exposed steel members commenced

- Preparation of shaft for services commenced

- Basement services works commenced

- Work of excavation completed

- Raft bed preparation and lift wells preparation complete

- Work of steel binding in progress

- Erection of tower crane commenced

- The casting of footing in progress

- 25% of the first roof slab casting complete

- 70% first-floor slab casting complete

- Excavation completed

- PCC and levelling works in progress

- Excavation complete

- PCC Completed

- Steel binding in the process

- Casting of footing and columns in progress

- Slab casting in progress

- Casting of staircases and lift pits in progress

September 2023

In Tower A, significant progress has been made. The first-floor slab has been successfully completed, signifying a significant milestone in the construction process. Work on the steel structure for the second floor has also commenced, moving the project forward. Additionally, Ramp No. 2 is currently in the casting phase, marking another step in the construction process. Waterproofing work on the retaining wall is in progress, ensuring the durability and integrity of the structure. Simultaneously, backfilling of soil is underway to achieve the compaction necessary for the laying of services, ensuring the infrastructure's functionality. This progress update reflects the commitment to quality and precision in the ongoing construction efforts in Tower A.

Work on Tower C is progressing steadily with various construction activities currently underway. The casting of footings is in progress, providing a strong foundation for the building. Simultaneously, the casting of the first-floor slab is taking place, marking a crucial step in the vertical construction of the tower. Construction efforts are also focused on the ground floor, with the casting of both columns and the slab in progress. This stage is integral to the structural integrity of the building.
In addition to these activities, the casting of escalator pits and lift pits is ongoing, ensuring that essential vertical transportation systems will be seamlessly integrated into the tower's design. These updates represent the ongoing dedication to quality construction in Tower C, with each task contributing to the overall progress of the project.

september 2023

The ground-floor slab has been successfully completed, and the first-floor columns have been expertly cast. Simultaneously, work is underway on the shuttering for the first-floor slab. The ramp has been fully cast, inclusive of the non-tower area, while the retaining wall has been successfully completed. The crucial phase of backfilling, essential for laying services, is presently in progress, with a strong emphasis on achieving the required compaction levels. Furthermore, the casting of non-tower slabs has been successfully accomplished, reflecting our commitment to advancing steadily toward our ambitious vision's realization.

Progress at Tower C is well underway. The first-floor columns have been successfully cast, while the footings and ground-floor columns are in the process of being cast. Simultaneously, the slab shuttering for Tower C is in progress, showcasing continuous development. Additionally, excavation for the casting of the next tower's footing is ongoing, indicating the forward momentum of our construction efforts. Notably, the casting and waterproofing of the retaining wall are also in progress, highlighting our unwavering commitment to ensuring structural excellence and impeccable craftsmanship.

June 2023

We are excited to provide you with the latest construction updates for Tower A. The construction progress includes the ongoing preparation of the ground floor slab and ESS slab for the non-tower area. Additionally, we are currently engaged in casting columns on the first floor. We are making steady progress and remain committed to delivering a high-quality office tower that meets your expectations.

We are pleased to share the construction updates for Tower C. The ground floor slab for Tower C has been successfully completed, marking an important milestone in the construction process. Currently, we are preparing for the column casting on the first floor of Tower C, ensuring steady progress towards creating a modern and inviting retail space. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to showcasing the remarkable features of Tower C.

May 2023

The construction of the basement slab and columns in Tower A is currently in progress, contributing to the foundation and structural development of the office tower. As we ascend, the first-floor column casting is underway, marking significant progress in the vertical growth of Tower A.

We are diligently working on the casting of columns and shear walls in the ESS (Equipment and Systems Support) area, reinforcing the structural strength of Tower A.

The deshuttering process for phase one is successfully completed in Tower C1, as we gear up for the preparation and installation of the second phase's slab, ensuring steady advancement.

Stepping up our efforts, the steel binding for the first floor of Tower C1 is currently in progress, fortifying the structural elements of the retail section.

With the completion of casting the footings in Tower C2, we have moved on to the essential backfilling phase, laying the groundwork for further construction progress.

Tower C2 continues to witness the ongoing steel binding process for columns, reinforcing the structural integrity and ensuring a solid foundation for the retail section.

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